Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Writing about academic honesty

Goal: Begin planning and drafting for academic honesty essay.

Introduce writing prompt
Planning and initial drafting

Writing Prompt: 
Now that you have read a variety of articles about academic honesty you will examine survey data about academic honesty at our school. Focus your analysis on the areas of academic honesty that you think have the most impact at Point Loma High School. Using data from the survey and our course readings, draw conclusions about, issues of academic honesty, what students at our school consider cheating, and suggest possible solutions. 
I'm sending you an essay template doc in Google Drive. It has the prompt above and some other resources to help you write your essay. Be sure to use data from our survey and evidence from our readings to help you explain the issue and your position.

We will work on this in class this week.
Draft Due Monday May 23
Final Draft Due Wednesday June 1
Call in by 9:00 PM June 1

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