Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lots of reflection and some improvement

Goals: English journal self scoring, essay polishing, and general shenanigans.

Self score English Journal
Essay reflection questions
Essay improvements

English Journal Self Score:
  1. Visit the ENGLISH JOURNAL SCORING GUIDE and decide how you would score your own English Journal based on that scoring guide. 
  2. PASTE the sentence below in you YOUR English Journal at the top. Fill in the number and reasons you scored your EJ that way. 
I believe that the work in my English Journal should earn a ...(enter number from scoring guide)... because...(give reasons why you earned that score.)
Essay Reflection Questions:
Answer the questions about your writing at the end of your essay document.

Essay improvements: 
Improve your writing with technology supports.
Try out

Want to be interviewed about our class? 
CLICK HERE if you are interested in "trying out" for an on camera interview about our class.

Extreme Sports essays are due Friday 

Note: Mrs. R is gone periods 3-6 on Friday. Ms. Hanan and Ms. Love will be covering our classes. 
Make up Socratic Seminar Friday afternoon 2:20 pm. 

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