Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Soapstone and Socratic Seminar Prep

Goals: Complete the SOAPSTone protocol with your partner then prepare for our Socratic Seminar next week.

Socratic Seminar Prep


  • With your partner complete THIS SOAPSTone form
  • Click HERE to get a copy of the text. (You probably already have it in your Google Drive.)
  • Note that the SOAPSTone form also asks you to write a rhetorical precis. Don't skip that part. 

Socratic Seminar Prep: 

  • Prepare your thoughts about two of the articles below. You can use the one you read with your group originally and then pick one other. 
  • Complete a Socratic Seminar note taking sheet about each article using the paper I give you in class. 
  • I'm not giving you the questions this time. Be prepared for a discussion when you come to class next week. 

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