Thursday, May 19, 2016

Writing time

Goal: making progress on our academic honesty writing piece.

Looking at leads
Writing time

Looking at leads: 
I've always told you to write the first part last, find out what you want to say before you go back and write your opening. But, in skimming through what progress you are beginning to make on your essays, I feel the need to give you a lesson on leads.

A lead is the beginning of an article or essay. It helps to think of it more as a lure than a lead. You want to draw your reader in. You only have a few sentences to convince someone that your writing is worth reading.  Just as Montressor lead Fortunato down in to the catacombs, you must lead your trusting reader further into your essay.

I looked through your essays and found some examples of strong leads. I also found some examples of what not to do. You can find those examples HERE.

Writing time:
The rest of the period is your's for drafting.
You have a rough draft of this essay due Monday May 23.

Bring back the media release paperwork I gave you in class.

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