Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Monday

Goals: Complete the survey, catch up, maybe even get ahead.

Academic Honesty Survey
To do list

Call in your Extreme Sports Essay:
Remember when I told you that there would be other things to call and read this year?
Remember when I said doing the dramatic reading from your book would be good practice?
You can now begin calling in your Extreme Sports Essay.
See the tab above for directions. Call before 9:00 PM Friday 5/12 for the best possible score. 

Academic Honesty Survey: 
Please complete the SURVEY
It's about 40 questions and may take you up to 30 minutes. 
It will not save your answers. Make sure you are online before you hit submit. 

If you finish you can: 
Work on your Extreme Sports Essay. (Final draft due is due today.) 
Call in your dramatic reading. 
Work on your Comparative Analysis Essay and request a regrade. 
Or, you know, read your book. 

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