Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thrively Survey and English Journal Entry

Goals: Reading progress survey and strength assessment.

Reading progress survey

Reading progress survey:
Complete the reading progress survey about the book you are reading today.


  • Thrively is a platform that will help you learn more about your self and discover your interests. 
  • Click HERE and use the code I give you in class to join our class. 
  • Your goal is to complete the Strength Assessment. 
English Journal: 

  • Open your English Journal. 
  • Paste in your favorite sentence from your Official Thrively Assessment Profile.
  • Write: To what extent is your profile accurate or not? What did you learn from it? 
  1. Complete your organizer for our books discussion tomorrow. 
  2. Extreme sports essay final draft is due Monday 5/8. Act on the advice of your writing group. 
  3. Call in your dramatic reading before 9:00 PM Friday 5/5 and I'll add those points to this grading period. 

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