Tuesday, May 9, 2017

AOW and Catching Up

Goals: Article of the week and catch up time.

Newsela Article
Catch Up Time

Newsela Articles:

  • There are three new articles assigned to you in Newsela. One is about the series 13 Reasons Why, one is about the recent healthcare legislation, and the third is about students cheating on a medical school entrance exam. 
  • Read at least TWO of them and take the quiz in Newsela. Click on the lightbulb. 
  • Write about ONE of them in your English Journal. 

We have a lot of students out today for field trips, so the rest of us get some time to catch up. 
If you are not here today you are still responsible for the Newsela Articles. 

Catch up list: 

  • Extreme Sports Essay: Are you done? Have you done the reflection questions at the end of the doc? 
  • Call in your essay. You can use the phone in the office. 
  • Have you chosen books for #10 and #11? Have you started reading them? 
  • Comparative Analysis essay: Do you need to revise and request a regrade? 
  • Check Power School: What are you missing? 
  • Have you been absent? Did you read the blog for the days you missed? 
  • Make up Socratic Seminar on Extreme Sports is TOMORROW at lunch. This is the second and last make-up chance I am offering. Please be on time. 

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