Monday, May 15, 2017

CA Healthy Kids Survey

Goal: Take the California Healthy Kids Survey
  1. Read. 
  2. Take the Healthy Kids Survey. CLICK HERE (I'll give you the access code in class. You can not take the survey if you are absent.)
  3. When you finish read your book or work on something from the list below. 
Things to do when you are done: 
  • Did you finish charting the text in your EJ from last week? 
  • Did you answer the reflection questions at the end of your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Did you self score your English Journal on Wednesday? 
  • Did you complete the article of the week assignment on Tuesday? Including writing in your English Journal about one of the articles? 
  • Have you called in your Extreme Sports essay? 
  • Is your book checked out? 
  • Do you have a parent survey to turn in? 

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