Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reading and Academic Honesty Project

Goals: Show what know about that book you just finished. Learn more about your next project.

Reading Progress Survey
Book #10 Activity
Academic Honesty Project

Absent yesterday?
If you were absent yesterday you should now have access to most of the work we did. Scroll down to yesterday's post.

1. Reading Progress Survey:
Please complete the survey HERE.
Got a new book? Check it OUT>>>

2. Book #10 Activity: 
Your book #10 "review" will be via a Google Form. Please click HERE to start.

3. Academic Honesty Project:
Read the assignment SHEET about this project. We will be talking about it more in class.
You can use File/make a copy to save your own copy to your Google Drive.
Think about this project over your long weekend.
Your initial ideas are due on Tuesday 5/30. (The next time our class meets.)

Absent today?
Do 1-3 above.

Initial ideas for your project are due 5/30.
Finish reading book #11 by 6/6.
Return all library books by 6/5.
Textbook return 6/7.
Last day for lockers is 6/9.

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