Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finishing Writing Groups and

Goals: Finish up writing groups and begin our next book review project.

Writing groups
Book review project introduction

Writing groups: 

  • Yesterday you all did an amazing job with your writing groups. I heard and saw excellent feedback in your groups and in the comments you left for each other.
  • A few groups did not get to all participants, so I want to give you a bit more time today to make sure everyone gets to be heard.

Book Review #9: 

  • Book review #9 will be in the form of a book discussion this Friday.
  • Prepare for your book review discussion using the graphic organizer I gave you in class.
  • You only need notes to yourself and bullet points, but you do need to prepare and I will collect your preparation documents.
  • Because this is a discussion you should be prepared to answer questions about your book from other students.
  • (If you are absent Friday there will be a make up next week.)

Socratic Seminar Make Up: 
If you missed our Socratic Seminar about extreme sports there will be a make up this Thursday (tomorrow) at lunch. (It's been on the board all week. I just keep forgetting to add it to the blog.)

Final Draft of your Extreme Sports Essay is due Monday 5/8. 
Many of you should still call in a dramatic reading. See tab above. 

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