Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Academic Honesty Policy

Goals: Learn more about the academic honesty policy of our school and share your opinion on the topic.

Study the PLHS Academic Honesty Policy
Take a quiz on the policy
Share your opinion

Your Opinion: (After we take the quiz please.)
Please complete THIS FORM about your opinion.

Absent? I'll post a homework version of the quiz later for your additional practice.
Homework version of the quizizz. Join HERE with quiz code: 952703. (Open until 6/7.)

Take home your novel project by the end of the day Thursday.
Finish reading book #10 by Thursday.

Deadlines to remember:
June 5th: Return all PLHS Library books.
June 6th: Finish book #11. Book reviews that day.
June 7th: Bring all textbooks for textbook return.
See calendar at the bottom of this page for finals schedule.

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