Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A little assessment

Goal: Read some new texts so that you can write about them tomorrow.

Readings for assessment

New Text: 

  • I've shared a new story with you using GoFormative. 
  • Be sure to click on the green and blue boxes as you read to get more information and answer some questions. If you can't answer a question go back and re-read until you can answer the question. 
  • Click HERE to go to the story. 
Essay Coming Soon:
In our next class (either Thursday or Friday) I'll be giving you another short text to compare with the story you read today. We will be writing essays in class when we meet again.


  • Call in and read from your essay comparing Poe and Laughton ("Cask of Amontillado" and Night of the Hunter.)
  • Read your introduction and one of your body paragraphs. DO NOT read your paragraph about mood! (We wrote that one together, so you can't use it for this.)
  • Use the phone number posted in our classroom. And on the chart at right. Do not use my PLHS school phone number. (If you have to dial an extension you are calling the wrong number.)
  • Call in by 9:00 PM on Wednesday 3/23 for full credit. 

Block Schedule is Coming:
Thursday will be periods 1-3-7
Friday will be periods 2-4-6

Spring break is a great time to catch up or get ahead 
on reading a book you enjoy. 
Do you have a good book to read over break? 

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