Thursday, March 17, 2016

Book Review Submissions

Goal: Reviewing the books you have read recently and adding your self-score to your English Journal.

Book Reviews
English Journal Self Score

Book Reviews: 

  • You are submitting reviews today for TWO different books you read. 
  • You should already have a recent review posted on Goodreads. If you do not you should work on that first. 
  • Remember you can start your review, save it and get the link, then go back and edit it later to finish your review. (Be sure to edit/finish your review before I grade it.)
  • You will use the review form to submit the link to your Goodreads review and write some answers about the OTHER book you read. 
English Journal Self Score:
  1. Visit the ENGLISH JOURNAL SCORING GUIDE and decide how you would score your own English Journal based on that scoring guide. 
  2. PASTE the sentence below in you YOUR English Journal at the top. Fill in the number and reasons you scored your EJ that way. 
I believe that the work in my English Journal should earn a ...(enter number from scoring guide)... because...(give reasons why you earned that score.)
English journals are due tomorrow. Get ready for your self evaluation on those. Be sure all work is complete. 
Comparative analysis essays due next week. 
Note: Mrs. R is gone Thursday and Friday. Ms. Hanan and Ms. Love will be covering our classes. 

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