Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Viewing Night of the Hunter: Day 1

Goal: Watch the first 30 minutes of Night of the Hunter while making notes about items related to the theme, mood and irony in the film.

Note set up
Things to watch for
Film viewing

How could you organize your notes to look for theme, mood and irony before we begin watching the film?
  1. Open your English journal and set up a note taking system for yourself. 
  2. As we watch the film make a note of any irony you see. 
  3. Look for settings, or shots the reflect various moods in the film. 
  4. See if you can spot a reference to the theme near the very beginning. (It is also a religious reference.)
Cinematic techniques to look for: 
  • Examples of irony, especially verbal irony
  • Religious symbols or references
  • Canted angles and dramatic lighting
  • High and low angle shots
  • Foreshadowing: clues something is coming
Come at lunch tomorrow. I'll be re-showing the first thirty minutes of the film. 

Review your notes, remind yourself what you saw in the film. 
Read your independent reading book. 
We visit the counselors on Thursday. 

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