Thursday, March 24, 2016

In Class Writing

Goal: On demand, in class, writing assessment.


Block Schedule:
Today we have block schedule because the juniors and seniors are participating in a drunk driving prevention activity.

Our assessment: 
Today in class you will read a second text and compare it to the short story you read yesterday. I will give you the second text and the prompt in class.

See Mrs. Roberts after spring break to make up this assessment.


  • Call in and read from your essay comparing Poe and Laughton ("Cask of Amontillado" and Night of the Hunter.)
  • Read your introduction and one of your body paragraphs. DO NOT read your paragraph about mood! (We wrote that one together, so you can't use it for this.)
  • Use the phone number posted in our classroom. And on the chart at right. Do not use my PLHS school phone number. (If you have to dial an extension you are calling the wrong number.)
  • Call in by 9:00 PM on Wednesday 3/24 for 90% credit. (Full credit was yesterday.)

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