Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Goodreads and Growth Mindset

Goal: Exploring the impact of growth mindset on our educational experiences.

Goodreads review
Growth Mindset

Goodreads: You will be submitting book reviews tomorrow. Yes, I changed my mind. I'll be gone tomorrow so that's a better task for you to work on then.

The GIF to the right is a reminder of how you access the link to a review that you have already posted on Goodreads.

Growth Mindset: 
The way we think about learning and improvement has a lot to do with how we will learn or improve. We will be discussing this in class today and we watched the video below.

Tomorrow you will submit your book reviews and self-score your English Journal.
Mrs. R will be gone Thursday and Friday. Ms. Hanan and Ms. Love will be covering our classes.

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