Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Building on success: Add another paragraph to your comparative analysis essay.

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Goal: Writing paragraphs on irony for our comparative analysis paper.

Adding to your essay

Adding to your essay:

  • Today you will add a paragraph about the irony Poe and Laughton use to your comparative analysis essay. 
  • Work with a partner at your table. It is alright if you both write the same thing, but you can also be different from each other.
  • Use the paragraph we wrote together yesterday as your model. 
  • If you get stuck ask for advice at your table or watch the Mood Paragraph tutorial video.
  • Still stuck ask Mrs. R. 

Collected Evidence: The examples you submitted.

Absent yesterday? 
  1. Look for the assignment sheet shared with you in Google Drive. 
  2. Review the writing task below. 
  3. Watch the Mood Paragraph tutorial video. And use it to help you write your mood paragraph. 

Writing Task:Consider the short story “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe and the movie The Night of The Hunter (1955) directed by Charles Laughton. What techniques do the author and director use to create the theme and mood?
Write a comparison/contrast essay discussing the similarities and differences between these two works. Keep in mind how the author and filmmaker use various literary and cinematic techniques to create mood, theme, and irony.
Keep writing. Draft of your complete essay is due Monday 3/14. 
Keep reading. Book reviews happen on Wednesday 3/16. 

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