Monday, March 14, 2016

Catch Up Day

Goal: Catch up and/or get ahead.

Quick write
Catch up and get ahead

Quick write:
Describe the process of writing your comparative analysis essay. What was difficult about it? What was easy? What do you know now about writing essays that you didn't understand before?

Catch Up Day:
The grading period ends this Friday! Tomorrow we will have writing groups for your comparative analysis papers. Today I want to give you some time to catch up and/or get ahead. I suggest you work on these things in this order.

  1. Finish your comparative analysis essay
  2. Post a new review on Goodreads. (You need this there before Wednesday.)
  3. Make sure you have all assignments in your English Journal complete.
  4. Read your book so you will be finished by Wednesday. 
  5. Check PS for work you need to do to bring up grades in other classes. 

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