Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday: Catch up and Article of the Week

Goals: Catching up and article of the week.

Make up work?
Article of the week.

Make Up Work: 
Were you absent Thursday? Did you just need a bit more time. Scroll down to the blog post for yesterday and:

  1. Submit your book reviews
  2. Self-score your English Journal
Article of the week: 
I'm sorry it's been awhile since we had an AOW. 
Do you remember the directions? 
Read the assigned article on Newsela. Get the article HERE
Write a TWO paragraph response in your English Journal: 
  1. The first paragraph should summarize the article. Include main points and a few supporting details. 
  2. The second paragraph is your opinion about the situation. 
Need the class code to join Newsela? See the chart back by the printer. 

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