Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Character matters

Goal: Finding evidence about characters.

Memoir Presentations
Looking for Character Evidence

Memoir Presentations: 
Some of you are presenting today, some of you I need to talk to about presenting.

Looking for evidence of character:
Knowing how to mark the things you notice in your novels will help you find that evidence later.
Today I'll show you how I notice things about a character and then you can practice noticing things in your group novels.

Conversations in your groups: 

  • Check in with each other about page numbers. 
  • Discuss events in the book so far. Make sure you all know and agree on what happened to this point. 
  • Share what you are noticing about the characters. Add your stickies to places that tell you about characters. 
  • Talk about what you think might be on your first quiz tomorrow. What might I ask you about? How would you answer? 
  • Talk about how you could organize your findings as a group. Do you need to share a doc of group notes to help you? 
Quiz on the first 1/4 of your book tomorrow or Friday.
Period 2 Friday 9th Assembly. (Did you give your adult that lavender paper?)
Keep up with work in your English Journal. 

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