Thursday, October 13, 2016

Watch and listen

Goal: Learning about the electoral college, seems relevant.

Read: We always read.
Computers closed
Books open

Watch and Listen:

  1. Go to our Google Classroom
  2. Be sure you are signed in with your account
  3. See the new assignment called "The Electoral College for Dummies: How it Works"
  4. Click on the word "EdPuzzle" just above that long looking link. 
  5. Watch and listen to the video. 
  6. Answer the questions when the video stops. Click "submit" and then click "continue."
  7. If you can't answer a question you can re-watch that section of the video. 
Keep reading your independent book. 
We will pick up with group novels on Monday. 
Be sure your memoir, visual memoir, book review, English Journal, etc. are all in great shape. 

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