Monday, October 3, 2016

Visual Memoirs Projects

Goal: Creating visual memoirs of our memoirs.

Visual Memoirs Project

Visual Memoirs Project- Basic: 
  • Check for a new assignment in Google Classroom. 
  • Use this deck as a template for creating your own visual memoir. 
  • You will probably need to add more slides.  
  • Write a script for your memoir in the slide notes. (The space below the slides.) NOTE: Your script should NOT be your full memoir. You will need to cut it down.
  • Use only copyright free images, pictures you took or things from
  • Grades for this basic project will range from 0-85%. (See rubric.)
  • Due Monday 10/10/16
Visual Memoirs Project- Advanced:
  • Create the slide deck described above and the abbreviated script of your memoir in the slide notes. 
  • Screen record the slides while narrating using your script from the slide notes. (On a Chromebook you can add the Screencastify extension and record your voice and screen.)
  • You are welcome to edit, add music and visual effects as needed, but do not detract from the message of your memoir. 
  • Your video must be between 2-5 minutes. 
  • Upload your video to YouTube. Mrs. R will collect the link from you on 10/11/16. 
  • Grades for advanced projects will range from 0-100%.
  • Due Tuesday 10/11/16
In Class Presentation - Advanced:

  • Prepare the same slide deck described above.
  • Let your teacher know that you would like to present your memoir in class.
  • Print out and/or memorize your abbreviated memoir script.
  • Practice presenting your slides and script to friends or family.
  • Present your slides and speak your script in class.
  • Grades for advanced projects will range from 0-100%.
  • Presentation dates will vary but slides must be complete by Monday 10/10/16. 

Some examples from last year: 

Your book review in your English Journal should be done by now. 
You should be about to finish your second book. 
This grading period ends Friday. 
Open House is Thursday 10/6. Tell your parents. 

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