Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Looking closer at character

Goals: Looking even more closely at the characters in our novels.

Read (extra time because you need to make progress)
Reading Progress
Group discussion
Answer a question in your journal.

Reading Progress Survey
Fill out THIS SURVEY about your reading progress.

Yesterday you created a STEAL chart in your English Journal. Some of you still need to finish that.

Today: Two questions your group needs to be able to answer today. Discuss these questions and be sure you can explain them. Write an answer to ONE in your English Journal.

1. What does your main character want more than anything? What obstacles stand in his/her way?
2. Who does your character have relationships with? What are those relationships like? 

Finish your visual memoir. I started grading them last night and a few are still incomplete.
Read your group novel. Keep in mind you page goal for Friday. (Quiz coming Thursday or Friday. Be prepared.)
Finish the STEAL character chart you started yesterday.

Note: Power issues on campus are ongoing. All daily plans are subject to change if we lose electricity, internet access etc. Never a dull moment.

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