Monday, October 10, 2016

Getting started with book groups

Goal: Getting started on our reading the novel unit. Choosing books, checking them out, getting organized with a calendar etc.

Book Groups
Favorite Books
Book Selection

Today we start a new unit called "Reading the Novel." You also have a new seat and a new group to work with.

We have a lot to do. I'll be explaining most of it to you in class as we go, but I will post it here later for people who were absent or just want to remember today's class forever.

The novel you read with your group "counts" as one of your two books for this six weeks. You still need to read another one on your own.

Read according to your group's first goal.
Finish visual memoir slides. (Due today, but you can keep working on them.)
Work on your memoir if I have not graded it yet. Request a regrade if you have revised your written memoir.

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