Thursday, September 11, 2014

A list.

Check out this handy dandy list I made for you. Some of this should already be completed. Some of it we will work on today.

The first thing you will do after we read today is fill out the 9th Grade Reading Survey

This is your priority. 

When you are finished, these are your next steps:

Join Remind:
I only have a few people who have joined Remind. It may be that you didn't complete all of the steps. That's okay, but here is a link that will help you get it done. It should only take a minute or two.

Create an English Journal
  1. Create a new document in Google Docs.
  2. Name it with your period# Full Name English Journal (i.e. 4 Alyssa Black English Journal)
  3. Share it with Ms. Black using her gmail address

Join Newsela and take the quiz on the article you read.
  1. Go to Newsela
  2. Sign in by clicking "Sign in with Google" (this will make your life so much easier).
  3. Use class code NIIJN when it asks.
  4. Click on your Binder in the top left corner, read the article that has been assigned to you, and take the quiz.

Summarize the article from Newsela in your new English Journal
  1. In your new English Journal, write today's date, and type the summary of the article in this document.
If there is anything else on this list that you have not completed, get it done.

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