Thursday, September 18, 2014

Novel Discussion/Quiz

Hello again! 

Make sure you have your book out! 
We'll be reading.

Today we have four goals.

  1. I'd like us to look at a few examples from what you did yesterday. How were these examples successful? How can we improve them?
  2. You're going to take a Reading Quiz based on your novel. Click here to access it.
  3. Once your are done with your quiz, take a look at these discussion questions. Take some time to discuss the questions that pertain to your novel with your group. It is in your best interest to use evidence from the novel to support your answer.
  4. After you feel confident about any or all of the questions, choose your favorite, copy it into your English Journal, and answer the question in writing. This is an individual activity.

Bonus Goal:

This is a survey that I'm asking you to complete because I want to know your opinions about our classroom environment.
Please be honest. Your name is not attached to it, and it should only take a couple minutes. There's less than 10 questions.

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