Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sensory Details

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While you're reading (not talking), you need to get a couple tabs open:

  • Your highlighted copy of "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Socrative! (http://m.socrative.com is the address)

Goal #1: 

Yesterday you highlighted sensory details in "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings."

You're going to choose your favorite, most descriptive sensory detail from what you read yesterday.

In Socrative, you'll be doing the following:

Choose the best sensory detail from the story and (1) type it into Socrative, (2) explain which sense it appeals to, and (3) explain how the description affects you as a reader.

Goal #2:

  1. Reread the passage from your group novel listed below. 
  2. Find specific instances where the author uses sensory details and copy them into your English Journal.
  3. State which sense each quotation appeals to, and how it affects you as a reader.

Of Mice and Men: pages 99-100 (First two pages of last chapter)
Saint Iggy: Pages 46-48 – A vile description of the apartment building where Freddie
sells drugs and a bunch of addicts hang out all strung out.
Lord of the Flies: Pages 134-135 – the description of the boys slaughtering the sow.
Romiette and Julio: pp. 178 – 180 – the description of Terrell’s gang threatening
Romiette & Julio
Secret Life of Bees: pp. 191-193

Goal #3: 
If you read this, Mrs. Roberts and I still want high fives, but you'll need to tell us who your favorite character is in your group novel, as well. **Be careful: We might ask why.

You have all period to fulfill this goal. I hope you read it.

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