Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Source: Bell of the Literati

Today you can get your netbooks!

For reading today, you can either read your choice novel or your group novel. Just make sure you're on track to finish the group novel by October 6!

Now that you've all chosen your books, we have some work to do, and we're going to start with character analysis and inference.

This is a view-only file. Make your own copy. You will need to share it with me. If you don't share with me, you didn't turn it in. (Don't be that guy.)

Now that you've practiced with these character descriptions, remember that you are being introduced to new characters in your own novels that you can also make inferences about.

After you finish looking closely at the character descriptions above.
1. Go back to your own book and look at what you've read so far. Find passages that describe a character. 
2. Pick one passage and type that passage into your Writer's Notebook.
3. Explain what that passage says about the character. What can you infer from that passage?

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