Thursday, September 4, 2014

Six Word Memoirs

Reading First!

While you are reading, you need to log into your netbook and get to this blog!

Today we will create six word memoirs in Google Drive. Before you do this, you must share your document with me.The following steps should guide you through this process
  1. Open Google Drive and create a New Document (If you need help with this, ask your neighbor or an adult.)
  2. Go to File and click Share. Enter my email (located on the back whiteboard) where it asks you to. Please see the chart in the room for our emails and other important information.
  3. Create a Six Word Memoir in this document. It must fill the whole page. It must have your name on it. Most importantly, it must be exactly six words and free of spelling errors.
  4. Once an adult (Ms. Black, Ms. Morrow, Ms. Allen, or Mrs. Roberts) has approved your memoir, you may print it out.
If you're feeling ambitious, think about how you could make your words stronger or more creative by switching words around or using a thesaurus to find synonyms.

Important notes:
  • If you are in my 6th period, you may have heard that there is an assembly on Friday. You must meet here in this classroom before we go to the assembly.

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