Friday, September 12, 2014

Article of the Week #1

Source: YA Book Lover Blog
Let's Read!

Today you will be reading and summarizing your first Article of the Week, or AOW as we like to call them sometimes.

I keep sending you to new websites, and today is not any different. Right now, follow these directions:
Scroll all the way to the bottom. Do Not Create an Account.
Enter Classroom Number 6867.
Wait for a question on your screen.

Today's Article of the Week is called "Obama announces plan to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIL". You will find it in your binder in Newsela.
  1. Read the article.
  2. Take the quiz
  3. Open your English Journal and above yesterday's summary, write today's date and title it.
  4. You will write 2 paragraphs here. In the first paragraph, summarize the article. In the second paragraph, write your thoughts about the issue.
  Important Information:
You must bring your ID on Monday. You'll need it.

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