Friday, September 26, 2014

AOW #3

Hello everyone.

After we read, you will be taking another Reading Quiz. Yay!
I, or Mrs. Roberts, will give you the password. 

BEFORE YOU START: Take a look at the chart pictured here. (It is also on the wall next to the inference chart.) Remember, we take points off if you are not proofreading. Seriously, capitalize the beginnings of your sentences. Also, use periods at the end of them.

CLICK HERE for the quiz.

You will have 7 minutes.

Article of the Week:
  • You have a new article in your Newsela binder. Log in, read it.
  • Write two paragraphs in your English Journal under today's date. The first paragraph is your summary. The second paragraph is your reaction to the article.

Use whatever time you have left to look at what you're missing in your English Journal. Here is a handy-dandy list of all the entries you should have so far. This chart is behind my desk. Use it.

Important Reminder:
The grading period ends on October 10. You should have read at least two books by then. Next week we will be talking about writing book reviews for those books. Make sure you have at least one finished.

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