Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summarize it!

Make sure you have your books out; we'll be reading.

Today we have four goals. Because we always have goals.

  • Create an English Journal in Google Drive.
  • Join
  • Read and summarize an article that you will read on Newsela.
  • Join Remind. The directions are on your desk.

Creating an English Journal

  1. Create a new document in Google Docs.
  2. Name it with your period# Full Name English Journal (i.e. 4 Alyssa Black (English Journal)
  3. Share it with Ms. Black using her gmail address

Join Newsela
  1. Go to Newsela
  2. Sign in by clicking "Sign in with Google" (this will make your life so much easier).
  3. Use class code NIIJN when it asks.

Read and Summarize the article on Newsela
  1. Find the article that has been assigned to you. It's called "Americans flushing much more water than they think."
  2. Take the quiz that you will find at the end of the article.
  3. Write a summary of the article in your new English Journal. Make sure you label it with today's date.

There is a piece of paper at your tables with directions on how to join Remind. 
Remind allows us to send you important information via text or email.

  1. Get your phone out.
  2. Follow the directions on the paper.

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