Thursday, October 1, 2015

Adding figurative language

Goal: Adding flavor to our memoirs.

Read (15 minutes)
Adding flavor to our memoirs

Memoirs are like pancakes. They are good when you make them plain, but they are better when you add chocolate chips, fruit, and syrup. Your memoirs need some toppings.

What will you add? 

  • More dialog, make your characters talk to each other more. 
  • More metaphor, connect events and emotions to other things. 'My grief was a freight train that I didn't see coming.' 'The award was the cherry on top of my triple scoop sundae.'
  • More simile, 'The morning was crisp like a cold apple.' 'My heart turned as cold as the inside of my grandmothers freezer.'
  • And a dash of personification, 'The ball knew where to go and always seemed to land at my feet.' 'The book begged me to read it.'
Update Goodreads: 
Today is a good day to make sure the book you are currently reading is one of your books in Goodreads. Update your page number too. 

Read, always read. (You need two books read by 10/14.)
Finish your memoir draft, get the whole story into your document. Draft grades on Friday 10/2. (If you need extra time on a computer, come at lunch, or come after school.)
Looking ahead, final draft of memoirs due 10/8. (Lots of revision time between now and then.)

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