Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wrapping up the grading period folks...

Goal: Getting our book reviews done and self-scoring English Journals.

Abbreviated Book Review
English Journal Self Grade

YESTERDAY you wrote a review of one of the books you read during this six weeks. You wrote that in your English Journal. (Tomorrow I will show you how to put it on Goodreads.)

TODAY you will complete a second review of a DIFFERENT book.

Abbreviated Book Review Form:

  1. Complete THIS FORM to submit your second book review. 

English Journal Self Score:

  1. Visit the ENGLISH JOURNAL SCORING GUIDE and decide how you would score your own English Journal based on that scoring guide. 
  2. PASTE the sentence below in you YOUR English Journal at the top. Fill in the number and reasons you scored your EJ that way. 

I believe that the work in my English Journal should earn a ...(enter number from scoring guide)... because...(give reasons why you earned that score.)
Read, get started on a book for the next six weeks.
Call in your memoir if you still need to do that. It's worth 7 points now.
Work on your visual memoir. Slides (with script in the slide notes) are due Monday.

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