Monday, October 26, 2015

Immersing Ourselves in Setting

Art by: Cate Simmons
Goal: Understanding how setting helps us understand characters and creates the mood of the narrative.

Writing about setting
Reading a setting
Reading specifically for setting
Creating a setting

#1: Open your English Journal
I'll be walking you through the directions for this in class. If you are absent you will miss the experience. There is no way to make up for that.

#2: Look closely at a setting
CLICK THIS LINK: to view a description of a setting from Great Expectations. We will look closely at what makes this setting good and name those things for ourselves.

#3: Talk to your group
Talk to your group about what's happening in your novel. How has setting played a role so far? What has it told you about the characters? How do the settings in your novel affect the mood of the story. What is confusing you about the events or characters in your novel? 

Keep up with your reading. Be prepared to meet your reading goal for Friday. 

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