Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Work On Visual Memoirs

Goal: Making progress on our visual memoirs.

Example of a digital story
Work on Visual Memoirs

Example of a digital story: This example uses pictures and voice over to tell the story of his family trip. It covers a longer span of time than most of your memoirs, but remember what we are looking at here is the way the author uses words and images together.

Basic Option: 

  • Split your time today. Spend half your work time adding images to your slides and the other half of your work time adding text to your script below your slides. I'll help you time yourselves. 
  • Remember to use photosforclass.com for your images
  • PS If you were absent yesterday you need to scroll down and read yesterday's post. 
  • Want to see how we will grade these? Check out the RUBRIC

Advanced Option:

  • If you plan to present your memoir to the class please see me today to agree on your presentation date next week. (Your slides are still due Monday 10/19.
  • If you are interested in screencasting your memoir you might want to use http://presentme-edu.com/ 
  • If you want to use other screencasting tools then you can still upload to youtube and email me a link to your finished video. 
  • READ: Tomorrow we begin working on book reviews, so you need to finish reading your second book if you have not already. 
  • Call in your memoir if you haven't already. It is still worth 8 points if you call by 9pm tonight. 
  • Grading period ends this Friday. 

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