Friday, October 23, 2015

Character Slide Decks Completed!

Goal: Complete character slide decks and catch up.

Memoir Presentation(s)
Complete Character Slide Decks
Catch Up

Complete Character Slide Decks:
Yesterday I shared a slide deck about character with your group.
You worked to make that deck about a character from your group novel.
All groups still have work to finish those slides.
Be sure to use the slide notes to EXPLAIN why you put the content you chose on that slide.

Catch up:
If you were absent yesterday you need to take the character quiz. (Hint: Read the blog from yesterday.)
You should have two new entries in your English Journal. The answer to a character question (see blog from 10/21) and the STEAL Chart (see blog from 10/20). Complete those.
Book reviews: Those absent last Friday need to post their book reviews on Goodreads and submit the link. (Check Power School. If you have a zero then you are missing this.)

Read: Some of you need to read a lot this weekend to catch up to the page goal for your group. By next Friday you should be halfway through your group novel.

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