Monday, October 5, 2015

Great Beginnings

Goal: Writing the best possible opening for your memoir today.

Look at some great beginnings
Revise your opening

Great beginnings:
If the first two sentences of your memoir aren't interesting why would someone keep reading it?
How do you like this opening:

Time stops. Everything around me melts. All that's left is me and the ball. I start planning in my mind, where is this one going, down the line, or cross court? I make my mind up, I want a winner down the line. I place myself and crush the ball.

What makes this opening good? What would make it better?

Revise your opening:
Open your first draft memoir doc.
Read your first few sentences to yourself. Can you make them more interesting?

Show me your opening:
Go to Socrative (CLICK HERE) and join room 6867. In a moment I will send you a question. Enter your name and then paste the first two-three sentences of your memoir. (ONLY the first few sentences, not your whole memoir.)

Read: By next Wednesday 10/14 you will need to have finished two books!
Memoir final drafts are due this THURSDAY 10/8. Some of you still have writing to do.

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