Friday, October 9, 2015

Article of the Week & Calling in your Memoir

Goal: Article of the week reading, catching up etc.

Article of the week.
Catching up
Homework: Calling in your memoir.

Article of the week: 

  • Go to and CHOOSE you own article to read. 
  • Yes, you get to pick one for yourself! 
  • Check the DATE though. It must be something from 2015. 
  • SUMMARIZE the article you choose using the summary frame. (Write that summary in your English Journal.)
  • Hint: To find out the author's name use the MAX setting on Newsela. 

Calling in your memoir: 
Before 9pm TODAY call Mrs. Roberts and READ your memoir to the voice mail. Use the number posted in our classroom.

Other Homework:
Read: You must have your second book finished by 10/14. (That's next Wednesday.)
Be sure your English Journal has ALL your work in it so far.

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