Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Reviews Are Going In

Goal: Get our reviews on Goodreads and get caught up on missing work.

Get our reviews on Goodreads
Catch Up
Work on Visual Memoirs


  1. It is time to put the review you wrote on Wednesday into Goodreads. 
  2. Open your English Journal
  3. Find the review you wrote on Wednesday. 
  4. Highlight it, and use Ctrl-C to copy the text. 
  5. Go to Goodreads and login. 
  6. Find the book by searching for it and add it to your read shelf. When you do that you should get a place you can paste (Ctrl-V) your review. 
  7. If the book is already in "My Books" find it on your list and look for a small link that says "edit review." Paste in your review with Ctrl-V. 
  8. You must hit the SAVE button after you enter your review. 
Turn in the link to your review: 
  1. After you SAVE your review you should be on the page that has just your review. 
  2. Copy the URL (link) for that page. 
  3. Click on the tab at the top of this blog that says "Independent Reading/Book Reviews" (Clever title huh?)
  4. Fill out the form on that page and paste in the LINK that goes directly to YOUR book review. (Be sure you are not giving me a link to the page about the book, or your book list, or your review editing page.)
  5. You DO NOT need to give me a link to a second book review this time. Leave the part about your second book blank. 

Catch Up: 

  • Complete the Abbreviated Book Review form from yesterday if you did not get that done yet. (Scroll down to yesterday's blog post.)
  • Work on your Visual Memoir slides. They are due Monday. 
Read, get started on one of your books for the next six weeks. 
Finish your Visual Memoir slides and script in the slide notes! Remember the RUBRIC
Revise your memoir if you want to request a regrade next week. 

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