Thursday, October 22, 2015

Character Slide Decks

Goal: Showing how much you understand traits and motivations of the complex characters in your book.

That quiz that I tried to trick you with yesterday :)
Character slide decks


  • This is a one question, short-answer, quiz. 
  • Please review the expectations for short answer questions: You must write 2-4 complete sentences. explain your answer, and use correct grammar, capitalization and punctuation. 
  • You will need the password for the quiz. I will give you that in class. 
Character Slide Decks: 
  • I have shared a slide deck with your group. (Everyone in your group should already have it.)
  • It is a template you must change to match a character in your book. 
  • Work together (on different slides) to complete the profile of the character. 
Finish visual memoirs
Request (by email) any regrades of work you have improved recently.
Read your group novel. You need to be up to your first page goal by tomorrow. 

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