Thursday, October 8, 2015

District Survey about AP Courses

Goal: Completing a district survey about AP courses.


  1. Read, keep your book handy
  2. District survey (It is supposed to take 25 minutes, but other teachers have told us it takes much longer, so lets get started.)
  3. Read more if you finish the survey before the end of the period.
  4. You can also work on final edits of your memoir.

District Survey: 
You are being asked to take a brief 25-minute survey to allow us to collect information regarding your perspective on Advanced Placement (or AP) Courses. We need information from all of you regarding this issue—especially students who have never taken an AP class. We are interested in knowing about your favorite subject areas, your educational goals for the future, whether you feel challenged in your classes, if you have taken or plan to take AP classes, if you have been encouraged to take AP classes, what would make you interested in taking AP courses, and which adults on the campus you trust to advise you on your academic or personal choices.

We ask that you answer these survey questions honestly so that we have the best data to help make sure that we are serving your needs. The information you submit in this survey is sent directly to a company called Equal Opportunity Schools when you finish. They sort the information and report back about the overall AP program opportunities at each school.

Thank you for your participation. Please log in and begin.

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