Friday, September 30, 2016

Book Reviews and Goodreads

Goal: Finishing book reviews etc.

Read: Yes, we still start with reading.

Book Reviews: 

  • On Wednesday we looked at an example of a review and charted the structure of that review. 
  • Use that structure as a model for your own book reviews. 
  • You started a draft of your book review in your English Journal. 
  • Your first task today is to finish writing that review. 
The example book review we read was posted on Goodreads. 
  1. JOIN by signing in with Google+. You will need to create a password for that. 
  2. SKIP the step about getting recommendations from friends. 
  3. DO set a reading goal for 2016. I suggest 6 books. 
  4. SELECT 3 favorite genres. (Then move on. You can add more later.)
  5. RATE at least 5 books you have read. Use the genre buttons on the left to find different titles. 
  6. FIND the friends button in the upper right corner and click that.
  7. TYPE Mrs. R's gmail address into the friend search box. Then click search. 
  8. ADD Mrs. R as a friend. 
  9. SEARCH for the title of the book you just wrote a review of. 
  10. RATE the book and PASTE in your review. 

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