Friday, October 17, 2014

Article of the Week #5

Books Out.
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If you did not download the NaNoWriMo Student Handbook, you'll need to do that. Click download, open it with Adobe, and "Save As" a PDF onto your desktop.

It's time for another article of the week.
This week it is a blog post about classic books called "What Makes a Book a Classic?"
  1. Read it carefully several times to make sure you understand the author's points. 
  2. Write a response in your English Journal.
  3. Your response should be two paragraphs, one summarizing what the article said and the second is your response to the article.
  4. Possible ideas for your response are listed below. 

To what extent do you agree/disagree with the author's points?
Discuss what books you think are classics. What makes them "classics"?
Discuss examples from novels you have read that relate to the author's points?
What are some other criteria for determining whether a novel is a "classic"?
How can this article help you write your own novel?
What "universal truths" might you be interested in writing about?
Why is it that most books do NOT become "classics"?

Come back after school if you didn't finish this. I see many AOWs unfinished every week. This is unacceptable. We are here for you to use the computers.

Take a look at some of the book blurbs your peers wrote about their "ideal novel." If you need inspiration, these might give you some different things to think about.

On Monday we have a guest speaker coming. She is an author and a novelist, and will be able to answer some of questions about writing a novel. Please fill out this form:

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