Wednesday, October 29, 2014


In a stunning turn of events, we will be reading at the bell!

Today we're going to spend some time talking about dialogue.

 Here's what we'll be doing today. I'll explain more as we move forward.

  1. An educational video
  2. A bit of writing (you'll need your English Journal open)
  3. A bit of reading
  4. A bit of discussion
  5. Revision

If you were absent: 
  • Start with the reading, click on the link and read the two pages. Use it to learn about how authors write dialogue.
  • Today's assignment was to write a conversation between two characters in your English Journal. Use the picture above for inspiration. When you write a conversation, there should be dialogue, meaning your characters need to speak. 
  • TIPS! Whenever a new character starts speaking, start a new paragraph (check your own novels to see how this works). Also, the periods/question marks/commas/exclamations points ALWAYS go inside the quotation marks.

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