Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Further Adventures with Conflict

Source: Mrs. Roberts

Do you have a book on your desk?
You should have a book on your desk.

Click this link for a view only copy of a document. 
Instead, listen to my instructions.

What you're doing today:
  • Give your partner for today a fist bump. Make sure you know his/her name.
  • Read "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" with your new partner. Use the Say Something Protocol. (We'll talk about it.)
  • Begin to fill out the chart in your English Journal using this story and the characters in it.
  • Remember that characters can have more than one desire and more than one conflict.

Reminder - By Friday you should have:
  • Completely finished reading two books.
  • Written one book review and posted it on Goodreads
  • Updated your English Journal.
  • Taken the last Group Novel quiz. (See Ms. Black or Mrs. Roberts if you haven't.)

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