Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating Character

Books out.

Yesterday you got to hear some advice about writing novels from Margaret Dilloway.

Today, you actually get to begin brainstorming and writing about your own novels.

You read an article about creating characters a couple weeks ago (AOW #4). Now you get to begin that process.
  1. Open this document about Characters.
  2. READ the first page that talks about protagonists and antagonists
  3. COPY the questionnaire to your English Journal.
  4. Begin filling it out. 

Homework: Calling in your blurb
  1. Remember that blurb you wrote about your perfect novel? It's time to call it in.
  2. Calling it in means you call our number and read your blurb to the voicemail. 
  3. It's very easy. Just dial 1-858-633-6726. The outgoing message will remind you to start with your name and then read your assignment. 
  4. The assignment you need to read is your blurb for your ideal novel. You wrote it in your English Journal on 10/14. 

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