Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Steps to Authorship

4th period. 

We have an earthquake drill.
We will be going to the football field.
Please be prepared to follow directions carefully.

Source: Unsplash on Pixabay
6th period.

We're going to work on creating NaNoWriMo accounts.
Please be prepared to follow directions carefully.

Goal #1: Make a NaNoWriMo Account

  1. Open your English Journal.
  2. In a different tab, go to
  3. You will sign up for NaNoWriMo. Your username should be your period, your last name your first name.

    Here's an example: 4 Black Alyssa
  4. Once you sign up, you will get an email. Go to that email to find a link to set a password.

Goal #2: Only after you've successfully created an account and password.
  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Open the NaNoWriMo Handbook and download it to your desktop. (Click Download, open it with Adobe, and Save As)
  3. Read the Letter to the author on page 1.
  4. Go to page 3 and banish your inner editor.

Goal #3: What can you do to stay on top of your work?
  • Have you updated your "Currently Reading" shelf on Goodreads lately? What page are you on in your book? (Ms. Black needs to do this too. Remind her.)
  • Do you have any missing work in your English Journal?
  • If you and the person sitting next to you are both done, can you edit each others' work for proofreading mistakes?

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