Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Creating Conflict

Make sure you have a book out.

Source: UK DailyMail
You've been working on creating characters! Congratulations!
Now you have to think about the terrible things that are going to happen to them.

Remember, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and that's where the lessons are.

So. You have two goals:

Goal 1: 
  1. Open this PDF. Read it all the way through. Do not move on until you are done.  
  2. Open this document. copy and paste the questions into your English Journal.
  3. Answer the questions about the conflict in YOUR novel.
Goal 2:
  •  Go back to your Character Questionnaire and keep going. 
  •  A piece of advice: the more detail you write, the easier it will be when we start writing novels. So if it asks if your character has any pets, don't just write "a dog." What's the dog's name? What kind of dog? Is it a friendly dog? DETAILS!
If you got this far, here's a comic for your enjoyment:

Source: Jason Bergsieker via The Curious Brain

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