Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Would you do that?

Goals: Build some background for our next unit.

Quick write
Something unusual
Quick write again

1. Read, make sure your book is checked out to you. Your next book review will be due 4/19, so be sure you are reading every night at home too.

2. Quick write:
Open your English Journal.
Add a new entry for today and paste in the quote below.
Explain the quote below in your own words. Then explain how much you agree or disagree with it.
“Security is a kind of death.”  -Tennessee Williams 
3. Something unusual
If you have a smart phone get it out. Make sure you have the YouTube app.
Go to the blog with the browser on your phone then click the link above.
When it asks if you want to open the link with YouTube, say yes.
Play the video and then click the little mask icon to make it ready to put into the Google Cardboard.
Share with the people at your table.
We also looked at these two videos about bridge day. One, Two.

4. Quick write again:
Describe the things you saw and experienced today.
What did you think about them?
Would you try these things? Why or why not?

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